Delivery conditions

  1. accepts orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but deliveries are possible 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Delivery cities, possible times and prices are shown in the table below.
  2. Orders are processed on business days from 8.00 - 17.00. If the order is placed after 13.00, it is automatically transferred for processing to the next business day.
  3. In order to receive the flowers of your choice in Riga during the working day, please place the order by the current working day at 13.00.
  4. In order for flowers to be delivered in Riga on weekends, the order must be placed by Friday at 15.00. In order for flowers to be delivered on holidays in other Latvian cities, the order must be placed by Friday at 15.00. We do not deliver on Sundays.
  5. Flowers are delivered by courier on weekdays from 08:00 to 20:00, Saturdays from 09:00 to 17:00. We do not deliver on Sundays. For an increased fee, we also deliver flowers on working days from 7:00 - 8:00 and 20:00 - 23:00. For flower delivery at another time, please contact us by phone - (+371) 26621676, or by e-mail:
  6. In order for flower delivery to be possible in urban districts, counties and small towns that are not specified in the store, flower delivery must be agreed individually by contacting us and specifying the delivery costs.
  7. The order is executed only after confirmation of payment.
  8. After accepting the order for processing and execution, the customer cannot refuse the shipment and receive a refund of the amount paid.
  9. Flower delivery on holidays is performed only if the order is placed by the previous working day at. 17.00.
  10. The date or time of delivery may change if the exact delivery address is not specified, if the recipient of the flowers is not present at the specified address or has specified a different time or place of receipt.
  11. In order not to delay the delivery of flowers to the recipient, please indicate the exact information about the recipient (address, telephone). Otherwise, delivery will be made only after specifying the address.
  12. will also serve its customers on the following holidays: Valentine's Day, March 8 and Mother's Day.
  13. In order to ensure the delivery of your flowers during the mentioned holidays, please place your order in time 3-5 days earlier. Otherwise, the flowers can reach the recipient the next day after the holiday.
  14. If the flowers of your choice are not available on the delivery date specified by you due to seasonal features or any other reason, they are replaced with other flowers, preserving the value of the bouquet. No other types of compensation are foreseen.
  15. If the recipient of the flowers is not present at the address indicated at the time of delivery, then the flowers will be left at the addressee's colleagues at work, at the neighbors' place, or it will be possible to receive them at our flower salon - Tērbatas Street 19/21, Riga, within two days.
  16. Flower delivery charges are based on specific cities. Delivery to city districts or other cities that are not specified in our store must be agreed individually by calling us at (+371) 26621676 or writing to us by e-mail:
  17. Our flower shop always delivers only fresh and high-quality flowers.
  18. is not responsible for the care and storage of flowers after delivery of the order to the addressee.
  19. The recipient of the flower has the right to establish damage to the product or any other defect of the product in the presence of the courier upon receipt of the shipment and immediately notify us. No further claims will be accepted.
  20. Due to the diversity of flower varieties, the appearance of the product may differ from the picture. The pictures of the bouquets are for information only, as the flowers are seasonal. If specific flowers are not available, they will be replaced with others, taking into account the overall composition style and colour.
  21. If you want a special bouquet or flower arrangement, then send a picture to
  22. By making a purchase in our store, you automatically agree to all the terms of our store. However, if you have any doubts or claims, please report them to us by writing to e-mail: All claims will be processed within 10 days.

Delivery cities and prices

City  Standard delivery:
8:00 - 13:00; 13:00 - 17:00; 17:00 - 20:00
  Early or late delivery*:
7:00 - 8:00 or 20:00 - 23:00
  Current day delivery***
Riga    6.99 EUR    20 EUR    possible
Jurmala    18 EUR    25 EUR    possible
Babite    13 EUR    20 EUR    possible
Balozi    13 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Baltezers    15 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Garciems    15 EUR    20 EUR    possible
Ikskile    15 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Jaunciems    18 EUR    -    possible
Jaunmarupe    13 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Jaunolaine    12 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Jelgava    30 EUR    -    not possible
Kekava    14 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Marupe    12 EUR    20 EUR    possible
Ogre    15 EUR    -    not possible
Ogresgals    18 EUR    -    not possible
Olaine    18 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Pinki    14 EUR    20 EUR    possible
Salaspils    15 EUR    20 EUR    not possible
Sunisi    15 EUR    -    possible
Tinuzi    20 EUR    -    not possible
Ulbroka    12 EUR    20 EUR    possible
Upeslejas    14 EUR    20 EUR    possible

*Early or late delivery is possible only on working days.

***Current day delivery is possible if the order is placed by 13:00.